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Check out our YouTube Channel to see the latest video of the KMS Big Build.

You'll see the wood forms being placed to get ready to pour the cement walls.

We are looking forward to pouring the cement and we'll keep you in the loop with videos!

Click here to go to YouTube.

Thanks for watching!


The CNC Machinist role at Kuhl Machine Shop Ltd. is responsible for creating quality parts produced on CNC lathes and milling machines and equipment according to sketches, blueprints, customer drawings and diagrams.

The big dig has been completed and we started with the footings.

Check it out on our Facebook page!  

WE ARE GROWING.  KMS has started to expand our 15,000 sq ft facilities to house a new environmentally friendly Paint Booth and Sand Blasting Facility.  More room will give us more flexibility and space to meet our customer’s needs.

We plan to share with you a video conical of the KMS' Big Build.  Over the next few weeks, we will take a quick 1 or 2 minute video of our progress and post it on our Blog, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  
Here is the first short video showing where the addition will be built. Click on the link to Youtube below!
Plan to stay up to date with the progress and see how the new addition is built by visiting my Blog regularly.
Look forward to a new post on Monday where we share with you today’s progress.

Click on the link below to to listen to our new Radio Ad.  


Check out the attached video of our NEW Mori Seiki CNC Mill in action by clicking on the Mill Photo below!  In this video you'll see how quickly and precisely it takes care of this job! KMS your obviouse Machining choice!


Dave Kuhl David Kuhl Kuhl Machine Shop is proud to announce that we have just been nominated for the Skilled Trades Excellence Award presented by the Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce. A big "Thank You" to our Nominator and our valued customers for their continued support!

We have just received a nomination for the Community Service Award, an honor presented by the Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce.

Each year KMS sponsors local sports associations, I volunteer as a Hockey Coach, and we provide donations for the repair or replacement of sports equipment. We donate machines, equipment and supplies to local schools to ensure their Trade Programs are viable and students have a good experience learning about the Welding, Millwrighting and Machinists Trades. Check out our Sponsorships page for more information.

Kuhl Machine Shop has just been nominated for the Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce - Business of the year! - Thank you!
To our nominator, thank you for nominating Kuhl Machine Shop for the Business of the year 2010 - 2011. It is an honor to be nominated for the second year in a row. We are looking forward to the Awards Night and please keep your fingers crossed for us!
Thank you and Take Care,
David Kuhl

Just finished our first TV commercial. Look forward to seeing me working the Mori Lathe in September on Rogers TV - Where local matters!