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Energy Conservation

KMS is working hard to conserve energy. Our Environmental goals for 2009 include:

  • Produce Renewable Energy and Net Metering additional energy production
  • Reduce energy usage by shutting down our computer system each night
  • Invest in the latest LED, Compact Fluorescent and Induction interior and exterior lighting.

KMS supplies and installs Energy Efficient interior and exterior lighting, a key part of our full service offering.

Reducing energy usage and increased run-time hours are only two benefits of the newest industrial and commercial lighting solutions. Other benefits include:

  • Bright while using less hydro to produce a cleaner light.
  • Existing fixtures can be re-used saving initial investment costs and reducing waste sent to the landfill.
  • Fast Return on Investment – reduced hydro and maintenance costs pay back initial investment within 18 months.
  • One Source, One Responsibility – KMS supplies and installs energy efficient lighting.

Energy Efficient Lighting options:

Maxlite Compact Fluorescent Interior Lamp (CFL)

  • 200 watts / 10,000 hrs / 12,000 lumens
  • Replaces 400 watt high bay metal arc or sodium lamps
  • No ballast / easy retrofit into existing screw in socket / shade can be retrofitted
  • Energy savings over life of bulb at 8.9 cents / kwh = $178.00 (PER BULB)
  • More Max Light Details attached

LED Exterior Street Light Retrofit

  • 35 watts / 50,000 hrs / 1836 lumens
  • Replaces 150 watt HPS
  • No ballast / direct retrofit into existing Cobra Head Fixture
  • Energy savings over life of bulb at 8.9 cents / kwh = $511.75 (PER BULB)
  • More Max Light Details attached

LED Interior 48 inch Tube Retrofit (Led bulb on top in photo)

  • 15 watts / 80,000 hrs / 1000 lumens
  • Replaces 34 watt Fluorescent tube
  • No ballast / direct retrofit into existing 48 inch fixture
  • Energy savings over life of bulb at 8.9 cents / kwh = $135.00 (PER BULB)
  • More Max Light Details attached

KMS is bringing industrial and commercial energy savings to light!

We can help you review your current lighting situation and recommend a solution using 
our proven project management process.

• KMS Walk-through – To assess your current lighting and energy savings

• Analyze and Propose – Our Lighting Consultant will detail possible lighting
efficiency improvements with you on-site.

• Trial offer – Test out the different lights at your facility to determine which
lighting solution you like the best.

• Recommend - An Energy Efficient Lighting Solution with details about Return
on Investment (ROI) and installation costs, all documented for you on a Lighting

• Implement – KMS will oversee the project from beginning to end including any
work required by a licensed electrician.

• Value Added Services – In some cases Rebates or Incentives are available
through the Federal or Provincial Government and we can help you begin
this process.

For more information on Energy Efficient Lighting, contact KMS or the following Web Sites.

Energy Conservation Incentives and Funding Links

  • Retrofit Incentives from Energuide for Small to Medium Business & Industry – Go to and select Energy, then Energy Efficiency, then Commercial and Intuitional, then Financial Assistance, and view the various options available to you.
  • Canada Small Business Financing Programs