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Hydraulic Cylinder Build and Repair

KMS can build or repair many sizes and types of cylinders including telescoping, industrial, agricultural or specialty applications. Ranges: ½” - 20” diameter,  2,000 - 10,000 PSI.

Workstations specifically assigned for hydraulic cylinder build/repair coupled with having material, fittings, components and a selection of seals in stock allow us to quickly perform repairs. Every cylinder is 100% pressure checked before leaving our facility.   

If a custom application is required, we offer custom cylinder fabrication and design. If you wish to receive a quote or order a cylinder click here to fill out our cylinder order form.





KMS - Proven Repair Process

Our proven repair quote process ensures you will know:

  • Why your cylinder is not functioning correctly
  • The cost of repair
  • The completion date

We can machine any of the components of a hydraulic cylinder in our precision machine shop.


Ask about our emergency service. When downtime costs money, our emergency repair service ensures you can get back to work quickly.