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Serious Progress

The strapping for the exterior is completed and the steel roof and walls are started.  Take a look at the photos below for a sneak peak at the progress so far. We’ll post another video this week, but these pictures are worth a thousand words, well, at least a thousand nails, can you imagine how many are holding up that steel?  The crew is diligently working away and the progress has been great. 



Inside the New Addition - The roof is almost on!

From the South West Corner - You can see one of the loading doors.


From the West Side, the row of windoes will let in a lot of light and a great breeze.


They have a good pace and we are on schedule to complete the exterior this week.  Once this is done, we’ll pour the cement floor inside.  We are using a special mix and process to ensure the floor is strong and prepared for the expected heavy traffic.  We already have the footings in place in preparation for the overhead crane.  

You can see the row of windows along the west side, which will let in a lot of light and a good breeze on a summer day.  We have a loading area at the end of the 120-foot addition and another on the east side for easy access for transport trucks that deliver and pick-up.