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Multil Axis CNC



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Skilled Trades & Qualifications - Precision Machining

KMS offers precision CNC machining and turning centres to accommodate large or small parts, high volume or prototypes. The precision and flexibility these machines offer is advantageous for both manufacturer and customer. CNC Machines are KMS standard.

Curves and complex 3-D structures are no problem with our integrated shop floor CAD/CAM system.

KMS tradesmen consistently work to tight tolerances providing quality precision new or replacement parts using materials such as steel, aluminum, delrin, brass, copper and even wood.


Our proven in-house inspection program using measuring tools such as calipers, micrometers and indicators ensure your parts are made to your specifications.


Our ISO 9001:2008 and Z299.3-85 certification includes a detailed calibration process as outlined in our Quality Manuals governing our calibration process ensuring our measuring tools are accurate.